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3 ViewsBariatric Surgery Vs Intensive Medical Management In Obese Diabetics—Which Is Superior? The medical intervention consists of a multidisciplinary diabetes- and weight-management program incorporating diabetes medication adjustment to help with weight loss, a structured modified dietary intervention vs BARIATRIC SURGERY . Most of the studies study are showing metabolic and cardiovascular benefits of Bariatric surgery,…

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5 ViewsBariatric surgery is the only efficacious long term solution for weight loss in a morbidly obese group of individuals. This operation works not only by mechanically restricting the amount of food consumed at one time, but also leads to certain hormonal changes within the body which boost metabolism and promotes weight loss. Obesity is…


4 Views  Introduction About Obesity Surgery/ Bariatric Surgery  Obesity is a major health hazard affecting an almost third of our citizens.considered till now a disesase affecting developed countries, obesity is now evolving major health hazard for our country. Physiology of obesity: Normal gain weight when we consume more calories from food than our body uses…

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